From the origin until nowadays

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In 1932, the founder Armand Fabre undertakes the fruit and vegetable business in located store in Fuveau (Bouches du Rhône). He already establishes relations with a chain of supermarkets. 
From retailer/half wholesaler, he buys in 1932 a retail store in Marseilles, gets into a partnership with a banana company and becomes a wholesaler with a complete range.
In 1945, Armand Fabre creates the Establishments FABRE with a fruit and vegetable local producer. Also he gets in touch with Tunisian producers and exporters. At this time the market was directly on the docks of Marseilles’s port. Later in 1954, he creates relationship with Morocco and Algeria, which generates large company growth.
In 1962, he buys old mills in the Merlan Area in Marseilles to create cold storage warehouses and offices. At this time, his three sons join him and his son-in-law takes over management of the warehouses.
At the end of 1974, Armand Fabre donates the company « Armand Fabre » to his children who goes on with its development.
Armand FABRE choose to continue its development and recently get new warehouse located in the industrial area of Rognac, where logistic and packaging will be easier. Passion and commitment are the behavior of the familial business. Armand FABRE continue to control and defend its products’s organoleptic* and sanitary quality all along the line. Its dynamic commercial strategy respond to the specific requirements. Thanks to a dynamic commercial strategy, it fits with the modern supply specificities of supermarkets, with who it trades for more than 50 years, while maintaining a faithful and transparent business with the wholesalers. Today, the Armand Fabre Company is an import and export distributor, leader on several products.
*organoleptic : characteristic of a substance perceptible by the organs of the senses: taste, smell, appearance and texture of the object.